Adoption Evaluations

Psychologists at Learning Insights are ready and able to perform evaluations of birthparents and prospective adoptive parents as required by adoption attorneys and/or agencies.

Independent Psychoeducational Evaluations

The psychology staff of Learning Insights is ready to help parents and school districts. We provide comprehensive, yet impartial, evaluations that help close the gap between needs and services.

Immigration Evaluations

Psychologists at Learning Insights are able to perform required mental health evaluations when a family member's immigration problems might cause extreme hardship.

Foster Care Decisions

Learning Insights prides itself on being able to help social service agencies responsible for foster care children decide on future placements and clinical services.

Tier 2 Evaluations

If you are an Air Traffic Controller applicant who has been referred for a Tier 2 evaluation, Dr. Rivera is able to perform the evaluation. She is an approved evaluator for the FAA.

PTSD Evaluations

If a child has suffered a facial disfigurement due to a fire or dog bite, Dr. Rivera can perform an evaluation of the child to determine whether the child is suffering from PTSD. These evaluations can be requested by a parent, an insurance company, or an attorney who is involved in a civil litigation lawsuit.

Diagnostic Assessments

Learning Insights prides itself on using the latest tools and applying decades of experience in performing diagnostic assessments on complex cases, particularly when the following disorders are suspected: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia or Dyscalculia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learning Insights is one of only a few places in the Hudson Valley that utilizes the "gold standard" assessment tools for autism, the ADI-R and ADOS-2.

Therapeutic Assessments

If you are seeking to better understand your learning or personality style, Learning Insights will work collaboratively with you to achieve optimal self-understanding. As a short-term treatment intervention, a Therapeutic Assessment can provide valuable insights into your frustrations and struggles, often making your time in psychotherapy more efficient and productive. Self-referrals, parent and therapist referrals are all welcomed.

Career Assessments

Looking for guidance on how to advance or change your career? A career assessment could help identify your unique and exceptional skills. Learn how to utilize them to your advantage.


Dr. Rivera is available to provide an independent review and analysis of pre-existing records. As a neutral third party, she can offer fresh insights into complex cases.