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Emotional Intelligence Plays Major Role in Your Child's Future (Video)

According to some experts, your child's IQ can help determine their future success, but other researchers say there's one more test that may be a better predictor.

Getting good grades is one way to pave a successful path for your child's future; however, some experts say your child’s success may be based another type of intelligence -- emotional intelligence.

Brainwave test may help diagnose autism

Measuring how quickly a child's brain processes sounds might help identify the severity of autism, according to a new study.

Observing children's brainwaves may also allow identification of autism earlier than is currently possible, the study authors reported.

L to R: Dr. Juliana Bates, recipient of GRASP's 2015 Honoree for Contributions to the Autism Community; Dr. Rivera, Director of Learning Insights; Ms. Kate Palmer, Executive Director, Global and Regional Aspergers Syndrome Partnership (GRASP), June 2015.